Frequently Asked Questions

(Download the PDF of our FAQs here)

Why did you name this app HangArt? 
Art is playful, inspiring, and purposeful. In HangArt’s purposeful play environment, children practice sight vocabulary words through Hangman gameplay by connecting each word to an illustration. These illustrations can help children remember their sight words while acting as models for young children to inspire them to make their own art. Using the tools in the Word Gallery and Story Studio, children can experience being young illustrators and authors and truly own the words that they have mastered!  

What are the main features of HangArt? 
HangArt has three main play centers: Play Hangman, Word Gallery, and Story Studio. It also includes a Letter Practice activity. 

What is Play Hangman?  
The visual Play Hangman game brings together two things that kids love: words and pictures! In this split screen environment, players try to guess a mystery word. Each correct letter guess reveals an original illustration of the mystery word. Each incorrect letter guess results in the drawing of a part of the hangman.  

What is the Word Gallery?  
In the Word Gallery, players can playback illustrations of their “won” words, then draw and save their own pictures. Children have access to the same custom drawing tool that was used by HangArt’s artist, Kavita Ramchandran, to create the app’s 200 original and diverse illustrations!  

What is the Story Studio? 
In the Story Studio, players create stories using their “won” words. They shake the device to randomly select six pictures from their Word Gallery, then slide the pictures into an order that makes sense to them. They narrate and record short audio stories that they can later playback and edit.  

What is the Letter Practice activity?  
This is a space for younger children to practice tracing their upper and lower case alphabet. Each letter comes with the letter sound and a companion illustration.  

Who can play HangArt? 
HangArt features 200 nouns, verbs, and adjectives from Kindergarten to Grade 3 sight word lists. But it’s a fun game for anyone ages 5-99! 

What are sight words? 
Sight words are commonly used words that young children are encouraged to memorize as a whole by sight, so that they can automatically recognize these words in print. They are one of the early building blocks of early readers and writers. 

How did you select the words in HangArt? 
Our literacy advisor worked with us to select 200 sight words that lend themselves best to storytelling through words and pictures. A balanced number of nouns, verbs, and adjectives for grade levels K-3 were selected from the Dolch Sight Words List, Fry’s 1,000 Most Frequently Used Words List, Dolch Nouns List, and Teachers College High Frequency Word Assessment Lists 

What if a player is a first grader but is reading at a second grade level?  
When you create a profile and select your grade level, the system will feed you a range of words, including grade-appropriate sight words. But as you get stronger and better, you will get more difficult words.  

Why do children have to trace the words that they win in Play Hangman?  
Research shows that for both native and second language learners, handwriting is an important tool for learning. Every time players win a Play Hangman word, they write it by tracing each of its letters. This repeated practice supports learning, comprehension, and retention of sight words. HangArt features the Castledown font, which was nominated by London’s Design Museum as a design of the year. This sans-serif, dyslexic-friendly font is shaped similarly to the way kids naturally write and was created specifically for use by elementary aged school children.   

Do players win rewards? 
Yes! HangArt’s badges reward them for statistical achievements such as the number of words they win as well as for playful experimentation such as creating stories in the Story Studio.  

What are the emojis in the Word Gallery? 
Even if a word is a grade-appropriate word, it can still feel difficult or too easy for a child. After they win a word, players are encouraged to answer the question: How hard was this word to solve? Their ratings, which range from Too Easy to Too Difficult, are visible in the Grownups Dashboard. They can shed light on player’s comfort level and fluency with grade level sight words. The HangArt system also feeds them difficult words multiple times to reinforce their learning.  

What is the Grownups Dashboard? 
The Grownups Dashboard displays key analytics of users registered to a device. Select the profile of the child you wish to view and check out game stats, recently created pictures and stories, and valuable insights about player’s fluency and comfort with grade level sight words.  

Can HangArt be played by more than one person at a time? 
Yes! The Play Hangman game has a one-player and two-player mode. Up to six unique profiles can be created per device. 

Can I play HangArt in upper and lowercase alphabet? 
Yes. Select your default option in the Menu.  

Is there a guide for parents and teachers? 
Yes. Created by educators, our Grownups Guide is available at It offers simple ideas for using HangArt at home and in classrooms. It also shows how HangArt connects to learning standards, including the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). 

I don’t play Hangman with my child. How do I explain the image of a man hanging on gallows to a young person when I myself consider it to be violent and problematic on a number of levels?  
We understand. That’s why we have created a different kind of Hangman. Our hangman is a hard worker, someone who sets an example of grit, determination, and perseverance by holding on tight to a trapeze bar. When you guess 8 incorrect letters, he swings, then falls off the bar. 

Do I need an Internet connection to play HangArt? 
No. Once you download the entire app, no connectivity is required. You can play wherever you are—at home, in the car, at a restaurant, in school, or even on an airplane! 

Does HangArt have InApp purchases or ads? 

How can a player get started? 
Create a profile by selecting an avatar, typing in your name, and selecting your grade level.  


If you have any other questions, need support, would like an in-school demo of HangArt, or are interested in licensing the app, do drop us an email at